Podcast Episode 1: Who am I?

Welcome to every possibility podcast. A place for new investors to learn about investing, starting a business and credit knowledge. Sit back, relax and let’s get the conversation started…

Hi everyone,

My name is Ameerah and our topic for today is…

Who am I? And How can I help you.

So I am not going to tell you about my childhood or how I was growing up. I will mostly touch on my career and how I came into investing and how I started this business.

Every Possibility was started in 2018 because I wanted to buy and hold properties in my business name.

Well you’re wondering how I came up with the name? I wish I could tell you this long story of my walking in the amazons, fighting tigers or meditating for 10 days but that is not the case. If you know me personally then you would know I love inspirational sayings, posters, I even listen to words of affirmations practically on any platform. So as I was thinking of a business name I just happened to look at one of my inspirational posters and Every Possibility stuck out. (it actually said embrace every possibility) So I was like Every Possibility makes homeownership possible. I was like that’s it! It’s a rap! Sure It evolved a little over time but the concept is still the same, Making it possible.

It started as an investment company as I continued to learn the ropes it then evolved into helping new investors get started and offer funding to businesses new or old. It does not have to be real estate and I also offer programs to help new investors get started with no money. Experienced investors can get into our programs as well.

So a little bit about me: I was a realtor (it’s inactive right now) and got my license as a mortgage loan originator. I worked in these fields for a short time until I finally made my move to commercial lending and became a commercial loan officer. This is where I want to stay. So I have knowledge on how mortgages work, appraisal, contracts, funding options and many more. I love this industry even as a kid I wanted to learn more about this field. I am always available to bounce ideas off of or just be a listening ear if you need it.


Thank you for taking the time out to listen to this podcast.

If you are interested in unsecured financing for your next business project or any of our no money down programs you can reach out to us at www.everypossibility.net or give us a call at 469-722-1788. We would love to hear from you. But until then.  Bye now. 

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