Podcast Episode 6: Things to know before you get started

Hi everyone,

Welcome to every possibility podcast. A place for new investors to learn about investing, starting a business, and credit knowledge. My name is Ameerah and our topic for today is…

Things to know before you get started.

I just want to prepare you when you are starting to make that transition into real estate investing.

Be creative with your financing. Paying full price on a house can mean higher mortgage payments even if you don’t put any money down. The best rule of thumb is to put as little down as possible and negotiate with the seller. My big thing is you never know what you can get so always ask. We will go over it later in the podcast so creative solutions you can use.

You want to be conservative when using creative financing. Imagine. The pipes busted, a window breaks, or paying eviction fees. So it is good to have a little cash saved up so you can plan for the worst.

Be ready to make some sacrifices. If you plan things right and you work hard for a few years then you can retire letting your investments pay you monthly. Just have the dedication to learn all you can and take action. I can’t say that enough “just take action”. The years will pass either way.

Learn as much as you can. What niche do you want to be in? Flipper, wholesaler, landlord, private money lender. Whatever you want to learn about your niche there are a ton of resources available. If you try and don’t like it then try something else. You’re not a tree, you are free to change your mind.

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Thank you for taking the time out to listen to this podcast.

If you are interested in unsecured financing for your next business project you can reach out to us at www.everypossibility.net or give us a call at 469-722-1788. We would love to hear from you. But until then bye now…:)

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