Podcast Episode 8: Mindset- Choose Success?

Podcast Episode 8: Mindset- Choose Success?

Welcome to every possibility podcast. A place for new investors to learn about investing, starting a business, and credit knowledge. Sit back, relax and let’s get the conversation started…

Hi everyone,

My name is Ameerah and our topic for today is…

About your mindset and do you choose success?

Do you ask yourself if you do everything you can to be successful? Do you think about all the things you do to invite success into your life? You may work hard. You may have established a network of supportive people whether it’s at work, your business, or with your family. And your eyes are always open to new opportunities.

So let me as you a question. If someone offers you a part-time temporary job in the area you want to be in and you have time for it would you take it? You may want to worry less about how much you are getting paid for a particular job and think more about how the experience of the work could benefit you.

Let’s say your passion is you want to be a chef and one day you want to open your own restaurant. That is what success is to you. However what are doing to get there and what if you have never worked in the restaurant field before. All you know is that you love to cook and feeding people feeds your soul.


Or let us bring it back to real estate. Your desire to get into real estate however you have no experience or money. So success to you might be is becoming a full-time investor. What are you doing to reach your goal of being a full-time investor?

Set small goals for yourself and try to meet them quickly so you can continually build momentum. Embracing success should not be a challenge but a fun and exciting part of your everyday experience.

Your life will be beautiful because you are open to new opportunities. Today I want you to choose success and make plans to step forward and accept everything that comes your way that aligns with what you want to do. 

So let me leave you with a question to reflect on. What are your fears about embracing new opportunities that come your way? Are you going to do anything about it?

Well, that is it for this week. I want to wish everyone a good day and a good week and I will talk with you soon. 

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