Complimentary Credit Counseling For Clients

There is so much information out there on how to fix your credit and it can very overwhelming. Finding people who can help can be just as frustrating. We want to empower you to start the road to improving your credit and achieving financial success.

With the Smart Start Credit Recovery Program, we help you improve your financial literacy. We have FREE credit counseling for those who need it. If you are wanting to get into a home or just improve your credit to get good interest on your credit card or loans then schedule a call with us.

In our Free credit counseling, we will discuss your long and short-term goals so we can better align with the goals you want to achieve. With the FREE credit counseling, we do not dispute items on your report however we can direct you to credit repair company that can assist you.

You will receive the following
  • FREE Credit Analysis
  • Recommendation on what need to be improved
  • Financial strategies to get you into a home faster
  • Recommendation on if credit repair is needed
  • Discuss short term and long goals
  • Tips for budgeting you finances
  • Monthly follow up to keep you on track so you can reach your goals
  • Mortgage tips
  • FREE 35min class on financial literacy and getting a mortgage
  • and many more…

If you are interested in FREE credit counseling and want to stop by a take in all the wonderful information in the FREE 35 min class on financial literacy and how your credit can affect you on getting a mortgage. Then please click on the link below, It will take you to the webinar and or the calendar link to schedule a call with us.

We look forward to seeing you on the other side.