We wanted to dedicate this online store to products that can help you with your mindset. These products are great for teens and adults. Here are a few items you can find.

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In this book series, you will learn different avenues to real estate investing. You will learn different types of funding options along with strategies that can help you get started. This series not only talks about residential properties but commercial as well. It will also help you change your mindset so that you can attract new and positive things into your life.

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Coloring Books – For Teens and Adults

In these coloring books, we are focusing on affirmations. There are 30 beautiful designs that have a special meaning on each page. When you focus on gratitude, success, and wealth in your life then according to the law of attraction. These coloring books are great for teens as well as adults.

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Meditation Music

Meditation is a wonderful gift to give yourself. From the demands of our jobs, family, friends, or any religious affiliation we choose to belong to. Our minds can get cluttered with overthinking, self-sabotage, self-doubt, and many other limiting beliefs.

Practicing mediation can have a major impact on your life. Becoming quiet, relaxing, and focusing on your present can help bring peace to your mind. While meditating you can also focus on where you want to be in the future.

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Printable Planners

This vision board planner helps keep your goals at the forefront of your mind. This planner comes with a few vision board printables, yearly, weekly, and daily planner sections. Also, other sections that can apply to your everyday life. You can make this planner uniquely your own.

Printable Sizes

8.5 x 11 PDF Pintables

6 x 9 PDF Pintables

What’s Included

  • Vision Board Printables
  • Goal Tracker
  • Daily, Weekly, and Yearly Planner
  • Saving Tracker
  • Travel Planner
  • Income tracker
  • and much more…..

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Write down your to-do lists, ideas, and anything else that comes to your mind in this Spiral Notebook. The 140 dotted pages of this product are also great for little drawings and doodles. Get this stationery essential for yourself or gift it to someone you love. 

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DIY Credit Repair Letters

DIY Credit Repair Letters are for those who want to fix thier credit and want the do-it-yourself method. With these templates you can customize them to fit your situation.

How We Can Help

There are over 50+ templates to choose from. Not only will you get templates but address to the credit bureaus, FREE credit counseling through Smart Start Credit Recovery* to help guide you and offer assistance to keep your financials on track while disputing. We will also provide you with great mobile app recommendations for staying on top of your credit.

*NOTE: Smart Start Credit Recovery Program is not a credit repair company. They provide FREE credit counseling and can give recommendations. Smart Start Credit Recovery does NOT dispute items on your credit report.

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