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Thank you for visiting my site. Here is where I like to talk about all things I love which are real estate, wealth building, mindset, and business. I wanted to create short easy listening tidbits to help you along your journey to financial freedom.

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Podcast Episode 1: Who am I? And how I can help you.

Podcast Episode 2: The Investor Diagram

Podcast Episode 3: The Intro to future podcasts

Podcast Bonus Episode 4: Unsecured Financing

Podcast Bonus Episode 5: Why are my podcast so short?

Podcast Episode 6: Things to Know Before You Get Started

Podcast Bonus Episode 7: Unsecured Financing with the BRRR Method

Podcast Episode 8: Mindset – Do You choose Success?

Podcast Episode 9: Let’s Borrow Some Money – Traditional Loans