Everything You Need to Sell a Dallas Home

Everything you need to know about Selling a Dallas Home

Dallas has a growing population which is seen as an increased need for shelter. This has transformed the city’s real estate market to a seller’s market and some sellers who never had the chance to be in a more powerful position are making the most out of it. The city’s job market is saturated with buyers of all age range and levels creating more need for housing and despite the presence of a hot seller’s market, some sellers are still lacking the required knowledge of what it cost of getting their homes ready for the market.

There are a few things a home seller needs to know about selling their homes in Dallas and what it cost from getting the home ready right up to the closing date.




  • Preparing your home for the market: Most homeowners fail to keep their homes maintained and in good shape, if you are one of them, it is important to make a few repairs and upgrades and not forgetting to properly stag the home before getting it listed on the market. You might want to tour a few open houses in your neighborhood to understand the level of competition your home is about to face, while this could help in determining the efforts you put in your preparation.


  • Hire an Experienced Dallas Listing Agent: Listing agents are trained professional with the aim of helping home sellers go through the selling process with ease while making the most from their home sale. A listing agent should be able to guide you during the selling process and market your home to make a fast sale. All the works of a listing agent go down to the cost of an agent commission paid by the seller. The fee is generally a standard percentage deducted from the final sales price of the home. The average commission charged by Dallas listing agent is set at 6% the final sales price. The listing agent commission is generally the biggest cost of selling your home.


  • Appraiser: Everyone would like to know an estimated value of a property before getting it on the market. Wrongly pricing your home might lead to spending more time on the market or not selling at all. An appraiser is there to help you get a market value for your home and prevent further problems. Appraisal values in Dallas generally range from $310 to$404.


  • Inspection: If you are thinking of getting your home on the market, it’s likely you’ll find a few things to touch and enhance your home appeal and raise its value. Normally, inspectors are hired by buyers, but you might want to hire an inspector to pre-inspect your home before facing the market. The cost of hiring an inspector ranges from $200 to $400.
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